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Social-entrepreneurial corporation "Soltustik"

  • Plant growing in Kazakhstan
    Plant growing
  • Storage of fruits and vegetables in Kazakhstan
    Storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Cattle breeding in Kazakhstan
    Cattle breeding
  • Mining in Kazakhstan
  • Building in Kazakhstan

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Dear ladies and gentlemen, potential partners and investors, we welcome you on the website of JSC "NC SEC Soltustіk"!
We are ready for an open dialogue and productive work. Our work is to connect the best ideas of business and government possibilities. Our main aim is providing business projects with the help of state-owned assets in the North Kazakhstan region.

North Kazakhstan region has a huge potential: both in industry and in agriculture. Real estate, infrastructure, land, mineral resources of the North Kazakhstan region are the assets of the corporation. Each of you have the opportunity to start a business and still receive support from the government in the person of "NC SEC Soltustіk" in the most difficult period of formation.

The website contains all the information that may be required: the capabilities, the assets of JSC "NC SEC Soltustіk", the forms of cooperation.

JSC "NC SEC Soltustіk" is a strong team of professionals who regard that the success of the company is the success of the partners. You will discover a new profitable business with us and take a rightful place at the national and international market, which will help Kazakhstan to reach a new level of economic development.

On our site there are not only businessmen, but also citizens andvisitors will find all the necessary information about the Northern Kazakhstan. Citizens and visitors of the Republic will also learn some new and interesting things about the latest news of the North Kazakhstan region, links to official sites of state and executive bodies and other useful online resources.

Welcome to our site!

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