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Social-entrepreneurial corporation "Soltustik"

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Suggested projects

Dear visitors of our website

This subsection provides information about the projects which are currently seeking the investors.
At present in the subsurface resources development sphere there are projects that require funding:
1. The project «Production of crushed stone in Tayynshinskyi district of North Kazakhstan region»
For this project an geology exploration is currently conducted by the Initiator of the deposit «Sharykolskyi» in Tayynshinskyi district of North Kazakhstan region. Reserves of building stone (at least 5, 0 million m3) are planned to be approved prior to September 1, 2012. As part of the realization the project a joint venture LLP «Magdan SK» (20% SEC «Soltustic») was created, the right of subsurface resources development was transfered to the authorized capital of the joint venture in accordance with the contract № 76 dated August 14, 2009 for exploration and extraction of building stone at the deposit «Sharykolskyi.»
Initiator (Director) is Sagitdinov Ildar Gusmanovich (Petropavlovsk)
Assessment of subsurface resources development right is 8, 622 million tenge.
Share capital is 43, 2 mln tenge
Market — Kazakhstan, Russia.
Possible participating in co-financing the project together with the initiator of the project Sagitdinov I.G.
2. The project «Development of quarries and asphalt plant in G.Musrepov district of North Kazakhstan region »
For this project exploration is currently held by the Initiator,

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