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Social-entrepreneurial corporation "Soltustik"

  • Plant growing in Kazakhstan
    Plant growing
  • Storage of fruits and vegetables in Kazakhstan
    Storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Cattle breeding in Kazakhstan
    Cattle breeding
  • Mining in Kazakhstan
  • Building in Kazakhstan

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Board of management
Omarov Nurlan Zholamanovich — Chairman of the Board.
Born on the 1st of September 1977.
Graduated from the North-Kazakhstan State University with a degree “Automobile transport”, Eurasian National University named after N.Gumilev with a degree “Finance and credit” .
Took positions of: credit specialist, head of the Department of financing medium and small enterprises, deputy director of the Bank branch, director of the Bank, commercial director of the Company, Director of the Department of “KazAgro” National Management Holding” JSC; Deputy Chairman of the Board of “National Company “Social-entrepreneurial corporation “Soltusik” JSC.
Awarded with the medal “20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Zhumashov Gamali Maulievich – Deputy Chairman of the Board.
Born on the 26th of January 1971.
Graduated from the Omsk State University with a degree “Jurisprudence”.
Worked in procuracy authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan; took position of jurist in the banking sphere.

Kenbeilova Aidai Kabidenovna – Member of the Board – chief accountant.
Born on the 18th of March 1960.
Graduated the Tselinograd agricultural Institute in specialty: “Accounting in agriculture”.
Worked as a senior financial economist, accountant, took the positions of the chief specialist, head of department in State institution, chief accountant in LLP.

Mukhoryapova Elmira Rashidovna – Member of the Board – director of the Department of Strategic and Budget Planning.

Born on the 3rd of September 1975.

Entered the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute, graduated the North-Kazakhstan University with a degree: “Economics and production management”.
She worked in limited liabilities partnerships – took positions of manager, economist, development engineer of computer systems, specialist of information technologies, accountant, deputy chief accountant, chief accountant and chief accountant in the branch of joint-stock company.

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