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Social-entrepreneurial corporation "Soltustik"

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    Plant growing
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    Storage of fruits and vegetables
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    Cattle breeding
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Conditions of joint venture in the mineral resources
Terms of joint activities in the mineral resources:
1. Necessary financial, material and human resources for the project;
2. The presence of civil solvency;
3. Compliance with the investment policy of the company;
4. Availability of economic and / or social appeal;
5. Presence of solvency, the absence of arrears to financial institutions;
6. The absence of encumbrances on the assets offered by the company;
7. The absence of suspension of financial-economic activity of potential partners;
8. The absence of non-performance or improper performance of obligations entered in the past two years on the basis of judgment, which came into effect.
9. The presence of good business reputation (professionalism, conscientiousness, the absence of a unwithdrawn conviction for crimes in sphere of economic activity).
If a positive decision of the Board of Directors of JSC SEC «Soltustіk » joint venture in the mineral resources is carried out only in the form of a Limited Liability Company.

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