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Social-entrepreneurial corporation "Soltustik"

  • Plant growing in Kazakhstan
    Plant growing
  • Storage of fruits and vegetables in Kazakhstan
    Storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Cattle breeding in Kazakhstan
    Cattle breeding
  • Mining in Kazakhstan
  • Building in Kazakhstan

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Standard form of the business plan
Requirements for the feasibility supply
for consideration in the SEC «Soltustіk»
1. General reference data and terms.
1.1. Full name of the entity
1.2. Directors
1.3. Objective of financing
1.4. Sources of financing (owned, borrowed).
1.5. The amount of financing (financial instruments, terms, structure of financing)
1.4. Period of the pealization the project and the requested period
1.5. Sources of payment
1.8. Supplies
2. Institutional assessment
2.1. Form of business ownership
2.2. Date of (re)-registration, etc.
2.3. The general owners of the company
2.4. Branch offices and affiliated companies
2.5. Basic activity Experience in the implementation of such projects, a detailed description of the business of the company
2.6. Number of the staff
2.7. Characteristics of the manager staff
2.8. Credit history
3. The valuation of investments
3.1. The objectives of investment (economic benefit of the project)
3.2. Planing investments, basis, sources of the project
3.3. Form of changing the providers, scheme of price, the scope definition, payment arrangements
3.4. Risks of acquirement the object
4. The production process, description of business of the joint venture (the object)
4.1. Line of work, technology and power facility
4.2. The production program.
4.3. Technology and equipment
4.4. Management, engineering and technical personnel, workforce
4.5. Possible changing the work line of the object
4.6. Risks
5. Assessment of the markets
5.1. Specification of products and services
5.2. The main consumers of the product
5.3. The real demand and the market capacity
5.4. Forecasts of sales and servicing
5.5. Sales Policy
5.6. Pricing Policy
5.7. Marketing risks
6. Consumed and purchased materials, raw materials
6.1. Specification of consumed raw materials and services
6.2. General suppliers
6.3. Delivery terms (price, deadlines, delivery terms (Incoterms-90), the liability of the patners)
6.4. Consumed volumes of raw materials and services
6.5. Procurement Policy
6.6. Delivery risks
7. The financial state of the Project Proponent
7.1. A preliminary review of the economic and financial state of the applicant
7.2. A preliminary review of the economic and financial state (company, business), its weak and strong financial side. Analysis of the accounts receivable and the accounts payable
7.3. Analysis and evaluation of the economic potential of the Project Proponent
7.4. Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the financial and economic activities of the Project Proponent
8. The project financial results
8.1. The profit and loss account for the period of project planning (optimistic and pessimistic version)
8.2. Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows for the period of project planning
8.3. The conclusion on the feasibility assurance of the project
9. The conclusion
9.1. Possible risks of the implementation of the project
9.2. The general conclusion on the project

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