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Socio-political picture
The population of the region on September 1, 2010 is 641, 1 thousand people, including 230, 7 million people (36, 0%) living in urban area, 410,4 thousand (64, 0%) are rural residents. In the region live 4, 0% of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For January-August 2010 it was registered 5, 619 births, 5411 deaths, 2,936 marriages, 1,220 divorces.
The region is homeland for 96 nationalities. Over the past years an increase of the population of the kazakh nationality has taken place.
Living wage in September 2010 was 13, 682 tenge. Amount of the food basket was 8210 tenge.
Center of the region is Petropavlovsk city, founded in 1752, has a population of 195, 2 thousand people.
In 2009 there are 3, 2 thousand unemployed people, which is 3, 1%, or 102 person less than in 2008.
In the 2009–2010 academic year in the region there are 635 educational organizations, including 3 of private type, where 83, 03 thousand students are trained and brought up, including 82, 8 thousand students in 632 public schools. There are 634 public schools, including 148 schools with Kazakh language, 109 schools with the Kazakh and Russian languages.
System of technical education of the region is represented by 17 public and 3 private professional schools with a total coverage of 4, 9 thousand students and 12 colleges (including 4 — non-state) with 13, 9 thousand students. There are 67 specialties and 26 professions.
The region has 356 children garden (11 private) with14, 4 thousand children, including 297 pre-school mini-centers. The 34 institutions (6 private) of additional education study over 13, 9,000 children and teenagers to develop their interests and aptitudes.
In 2009 it was opened four kindergartens and 243 pre-school mini-center.
There are 586 cultural siteseeins, including the 454 state siteseeings. The network of cultural objects includes 3 theaters, 1 philharmonic, 11 museums, 245 clubs of all types of ownership (125 public), 319 libraries of all types of ownership (308 public), 6 cinemas (5 public), 18 TV-theaters.
On preparation of sports reserve and high-class athletes in the region work approximately 26 youth sports schools, including 3 Olympic reserve school: cycling reserve school «Zhenis» and water sports reserve school «Dolphin», two special schools for acrobatics and winter sports named after K.Baybolova, regional specialized boarding school for gifted children in sports, training center for Olympic reserve. Since January 1, 2009 the school of high sport mastership beganits work.

In the region there are 2166 sports units: 32 stadiums, 4 sports complex, 526 gyms, 11 swimming pools, 16 ski lodges, one athletics arena, 87 shooting ranges, 6 tennis courts, 224 adapted places, 1157 planar units, 97 hockey courts, 2 hippodromes, 3 shooting fields.
In the North Kazakhstan region cycling is a well-developed sport. One of the best cyclists of Kazakhstan is honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Sydney, gold medalist of London Aleksander Vinokurov. He is a graduate of Bishkul cycling junior school. In 1998 Specialized Junior School of cycling of Olympic Reserve was opened in Petropavlovsk .

At present in the region there are 16 religious confessions, including 235 organizations and groups. There are 132 places of worship, 148 registered communities.

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