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Social-entrepreneurial corporation "Soltustik"

  • Plant growing in Kazakhstan
    Plant growing
  • Storage of fruits and vegetables in Kazakhstan
    Storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Cattle breeding in Kazakhstan
    Cattle breeding
  • Mining in Kazakhstan
  • Building in Kazakhstan

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Northern Kazakhstan region is in the middle of the biggest continent which means it has sharply continental climate.
The characteristic features of the climate are the long cold winter with strong winds and snowstorms, short hot summer.
Average long-term temperature of the coldest month of January is about -18.5 ° C in the north, about -17.6 ° C in the south and on the coldest days reach -45° C. In July the average temperature is 19 ° C in the north and +19.5 ° C in the south and on the hottest days is up to +41 ° C.
In Northern Kazakhstan region it is very often to have frequent changes of air masses that cause instability of weather. Invasion of continental arctic air from the north in the winter cause the low temperature, and in the transitional seasons with marked spring and autumn frosts. The circulation of the atmosphere is the cause of sudden changes in temperature and rainfall from year to year.
In winter prevail the anticyclonic weather types, with domination of clear sky and stable negative temperatures. The winds have a distinct south-westerly direction with the average speed about 5.5 m / s.
Spring is short (20–30 days), dry and cool weather starts from the second half of April. The frost-free period of 100–120 days a year, and the period with average daily temperatures above 0 ° C is around 190 days.
In the summer prevail the cyclonic weather types with the northern and north-western winds with an average speed of 4 m / s. Autumn is cool, cloudy and often rainy. Average annual rainfall amount is from 290–295 to 425–435 mm.

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